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Financial Contagion Before and During The COVID 19 Medical Shock

Khaled GUESMI, Amine Ben Amar, Wassini Arrassen, Jean Yves Moisseron Moisseron
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L'hétérogénéité des stratégies d'entreprises en matière de crédit d'impôt recherche

Pierre COURTIOUX, Emmanuelle Deglaire, François Métivier, Antoine Rebérioux
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L’investissement socialement responsable: Changement structurel et faux semblant

Gunther CAPELLE-BLANCARD, Adrien Desroziers, Alexandre Garel, Arthur Petit-Romec
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Pour une relance différente, durable, inclusive et paritaire

Nathalie BITBOL-SABA, Françoise SAVES
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Quantile Estimation of Stochastic Frontiers with the Normal-Exponential Specification

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Shareholders and the environment: a review of four decades of academic research

Gunther CAPELLE-BLANCARD, Adrien Desroziers, Bert Scholtens

We provide a synthesis of four decades of empirical research regarding the reaction of shareholders to environmental events. This literature is at the crossroads of finance, environmental economics, management and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Social Diversity: A Review of Twelve Years of Targeting Priority Education Policies


Using data from the Base Centrale Scolarité (exhaustive data on pupils and schools,
BCS), we highlight a number of stylised facts regarding changes to the targeting of priority education during the 2004-2016 period and inter-secondary school segregation. To start, we observe

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Rethinking companies’ culture through knowledge management lens during Industry 5.0 transition

Nathalie BITBOL-SABA, Valentina CILLO , Gian Luca GREGORI, Lucia Michela DANIELE, Francesco CAPUTO

Through the human resources (HR) and knowledge management (KM) perspective as
human-centric processes, the aim of this study is to explore how companies’ engagement in diversity
(DIV), inclusion (INC) and people empowerment (PEMP) policies influences companies’ organizational

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Selling standalone private label wine : an exploration of French retailers’ strategies

Yosr BEN TAHAR, Charlotte MASSA, Sarah MUSSOL