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Do data breach disclosure laws matter to shareholder risk?

Samir SAADI, Syrine SASSI, Khaled Elmawazini, Khiyar Abdalla Khiyar, Mohammed Ali
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Does CEO risk-aversion affect carbon emission?

Samir SAADI, Ashrafee Hossain, Abu S Amin
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Economic Shocks and Democratic Consolidation: Historical Evidence from Party-Level Electoral Volatility in France

Mickael MELKI, François Facchini

The emergence of a stable party system is a central aspect of democratic consolidation. Building a novel historical dataset, we analyze how economic growth affected the party-level electoral volatility during the consolidation of the French democracy over the Third Republic (1870-1940).

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How does Bank Capital Influence Lending and Securities Holdings? Evidence from Asian

Using panel dataset of 370 banks from 15 Asian countries over the period 2010-2018, this paper provides empirical evidence on the impact of bank capital on lending, and securities holdings.

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Beyond the shallows of physical attractiveness: Perfection and objectifying gaze on Instagram

Karina SOKOLOVA, Hajer Kefi, Vincent Dutot
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Climate Change and Global Stock Market Returns

Whelsy BOUNGOU, Alhonita Yatié

To the question of whether global stock market indices are sensitive to climate change, the answer is “Yes”.

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Does green technology innovation matter to the cost of equity capital?

Hatem RJIBA, Khaled Elmawazini, Imed Chkir, Fatma Mrad

Using a panel of U.S. public firms, we present the first evidence highlighting the relation between green technology innovation and cost of equity capital. Consistent with our prediction, we find that greater green technology innovation is associated with lower cost of equity capital.

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La quête de reconnaissance: un levier d’engagement pour l’apprentissage collaboratif.

Olivier MAMAVI, R. Zerbib
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Reliving a traumatic experience through emotional creativity: the bright side of cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic


Purpose – The COVID-19 outbreak has undoubtedly affected overall mental health. Thus, researching
resilience is important, as it has been previously discussed as a means to protect people from mental health