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Time–frequency dependence and connectedness between financial technology and green assets

This paper provides new evidence on the dynamic dependence and connectedness between investments in Financial Technology (FinTech) and green assets across different market conditions and investment horizons.

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Too big to be ignored: How energy poverty undermines productive efficiency

Productive efficiency has far-reaching implications on the direction of economic growth and welfare. While this has led to an expansive literature on the drivers of productive efficiency, this literature has proceeded without considering the role of energy poverty.

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- Online Privacy Literacy and Users’ Information Privacy Empowerment

Nessrine OMRANI, Christine Prince
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Analyzing Commodity Futures and Stock Market Indices: Hedging Strategies using Asymmetric Dynamic Conditional Correlation Models

Hassan OBEID, Saad Alshammari

The focus of this paper is on analyzing the behavior of commodity futures indices and stock market indices in terms of price volatility and hedging.

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Art, creativity and innovation : lessons learned from french cases studies

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Global commodity and equity markets spillovers to Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic

Christian UROM, Gideon Ndubuisi, Gaye Del Lo, Denis Yuni

This paper examines the connectedness among 12 African equity markets and the global commodity, developed equity markets, paying particular attention to their evolution during the COVID-19 pandemic's peak period.

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How Consultants Can Shape Project Outcomes Before Things Get Started: The Role of Fit Between Price-Based Positioning and Contextual Factors for Project Performance

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Managing natural resource prices in a geopolitical risk environment


In this paper, we analyze the potential impact of geopolitical risks on various natural resources such as oil, coal, copper, and zinc, from January 2005 to September 2022.