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Nations ranking in scientific competition: Countries get what they paid for

Pierre COURTIOUX, François Metivier, Antoine Reberioux

We model the relative standing of nations in the scientific, academic competition.
We predict a power relation between scientific output and public R&D funding.
We support this prediction using bibliometric data for 42 countries over 1996–2015.

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Rethinking companies' culture through knowledge management lens during Industry 5.0 transition

Nathalie BITBOL-SABA, L.M. Daniele , V. Cillo , G.L. Gregori , F. Caputo
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Banks’ capital buffer, profitability and risk of failure: the effect of regulation, supervision and the business cycle

Hassan OBEID, F. Ben Bouheni, E. Margarint

In this article, we apply the GMM technique on dynamic panels, using both bank-level data and country-level data for the three largest European economies (Germany, the UK and France) during the period 2005-2013 to investigate the impact of regulation, supervision and the business cycle on capital

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Female Representation on Boards and Carbon Emissions: International Evidence

Hatem RJIBA, T. Thavaharan

This paper examines the effect of board gender diversity on firms’ carbon emissions. Using a sample
of firms from 43 countries during the 2005-2019 period, we establish that firms with more genderdiverse

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How does Bank Capital Influence Lending and Securities Holdings? Evidence from Asian

Using panel dataset of 370 banks from 15 Asian countries over the period 2010-2018, this paper provides empirical evidence on the impact of bank capital on lending, and securities holdings.

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Judge Ideology and Corporate Sexual Orientation Equality

Hatem RJIBA, Ashrafee Hossain, SAMIR SAADI

We investigate the role that judge ideology plays in determining corporate sexual orientation equality
(CSOE) initiatives. We find a negative relationship between liberal judge ideology and CSOE

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Mon Dictionnaire d'économie

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Multi-criteria classification, sorting, and clustering: a bibliometric review and research agenda

Khaled GUESMI, Karim Ben Kraiem, Fateh bel Aid, Sarah Ben Amor, Boumediene Ramdani
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Regulation, supervision and European banking performance

Hassan OBEID, F. Ben Bouheni, E. Margarint

We investigate the effects of regulation and supervision on the banking performance of the ten largest banks from selected European countries during the period of 2005-2011 using the generalised method of moments (GMM) for a dynamic panel. Our results provide two major findings.