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The interplay among corporate bonds, geopolitical risks, equity market, and economic uncertainties

Christian UROM, Saad Alshammari, Kostas Andriosopoulos, Olfa Kaabia, Kamel Si Monhamed

This study examines the dynamic interconnectedness and dependence between the USA’s corporate bond market (CMD) and economic and equity market uncertainties, as well as geopolitical risk.

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Credit Ratings and the Hold-Up Problem in the Loan Market

Federica SALVADE, Mattia Girotti, Christophe Cahn
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Decoding AI readiness: An in-depth analysis of key dimensions in multinational corporations

Francesco APPIO, Subhasis Ray, Sanjit Roy, Richard Gruner, Ali Tehrani

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands ready to impact all aspects of business, from optimizing operations to personalizing services and enhancing customer value. However, many organizations grapple with implementing AI solutions due to a lack of necessary infrastructure and mechanisms.

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Democracy and Intra-Africa Trade

Whelsy BOUNGOU, Francis OSEI-TUTU, Amara ZONGO

Despite numerous efforts by policymakers, trade among African countries remain abysmal. In this paper, we investigate whether democracy affects intra-Africa trade of goods.

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Employment strategies in response to the first Covid lockdown: A typology of French workplaces

Pierre COURTIOUX, Philippe Askenazy, Clement Brebion, Christine Erhel, Malo Mofakhami

This research connects the literature on crisis manage-ment and on firm f lexibility to investigate human resource (HR) strategies in response to unexpected crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Federal judge ideology and real earnings management

Hatem RJIBA, K. Elmawazini, E. Galariotis, A. Hossain

We examine the impact of liberal judge ideology, as an exogenous proxy for litigation risk, on real earning management. Our main findings suggest that U.S. firms headquartered in circuits that are more likely to be dominated by liberal judges engage in less real earnings management.

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Regional favoritism in access to credit

Francis OSEI-TUTU, Laurent Weill

e examine the efect of regional favoritism on the access of frms to credit. Using frm level data on a large sample of 29,000 frms covering 47 countries, we investigate the
hypothesis that frms in the birth regions of national political leaders have better access to

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The emergence of communities through interdependent dynamics of physical, cognitive and virtual contexts: the case of collaborative spaces.

Research about the emergence of communities has mainly focused on a single context of interaction, either physical or virtual.