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How do financial and commodity markets volatility react to real economic activity?

Christian UROM, Khaled Guesmi

This paper examines the relationship between real economic activity and the financial and commodity markets using two approaches. First, we use the Discrete Wavelet Method to investigate the lead-lag dependence between real economic activity and these markets.

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Responsible I(m)ovation in Asia Pacific regions

David KALISZ, Veronica Scutto, Alexeis Garcia-Perez, Amandeep Dhir
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The Effect of Issuance Documentation Readability on Liquidity: Evidence from Green Bonds

Syrine SASSI, S. Lajili, M. Lebelle

This paper investigates the potential effects of the disclosure and the readability of a green bond’s issuance documentation on its liquidity.

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Why shape a market? Empirical evidence on the prominent firm-level and market-level outcomes of market-driving strategy


Market-driving strategy (MDS) is defined as influencing the market structure and/or the market players’ behavior in a direction that reinforces a firm’s competitive edge.

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A Note on the Profitability of African Banks: Islamic versus Conventional

This paper aims to examine and compare the profitability of Islamic and conventional banks located in 20 African countries over the period 2009-2017.

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Affaire Djokovic: retour sur une crise en quatre actes

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Building communities in rural coworking spaces

In the last decade, the coworking movement, that was initiated in urban environments, has been expanding to rural areas. In both cases, the concept of community appears as one of the most crucial aspects.

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Can social media influencers encourage healthier behaviour? A study of food influencers and home-cooking intentions.